Tattoo Therapy #INKPLAY Experience


Tattoo Therapy #INKPLAY

Turn Dat Trauma to TRIUMPH and start embracing your individuality ...

in healing hues of pink!




Before we get into it ...

Let's be clear about what tattoo therapy is not vs. what it is ~

Tattoo therapy IS NOT by the hands of a licensed therapist.

Tattoo Therapy IS a peer to peer holistic healing medium.

Now. Let's Begin ~

Life's trauma - be it breast cancer, misdiagnosis, grief, natural disaster, nor family, domestic or community violence, being unseen, negative body image & eating dis order, cutting & self-harm, etc.

No matter what it is ...

It doesn’t have to leave a lasting ugly mark.

Instead dive into your tumultuous time to embrace the darkness and create something beautiful.

Something light, airy and empowering to help you reframe that negative narrative in your head.

And reimagine how to show up as the BEST version of yourself. You know ... the greatness you hide inside.

The you that's covered under life's ick.

Yup! The you that should shine, because that's what the pressures of life do ... make us SHINE. Like a whole a$$ diamond.

It's said that beauty is skin deep and ugly goes to the bone. But you can take your ugliest, darkest moments and create a masterpiece that celebrate all types of triumph over trauma - making your inner beauty permeate beyond the flesh.

Tattoos can provide an innovative form of healing that nothing else can - helping you reclaim your power, control, beauty, femininity, sex appeal, and more!





At Little INKPLAY Shop, we take pride in taking time to truly learn and connect with your journey so that we can truly guide you through such a vulnerable reclamation of YOU.

We foster a process and environment that allows you to be in control, exercise your creativity and use the art of tattooing as a part of your personal therapy.  We listen to each story and in partnership, create a design that empowers you to be confident in your healing.

It is our mission to create body art that helps tell the story of individuality, resilience and perseverance.


Our amazing collaborative consultation process helps you share your ideas, stories and potential reference photos virtually.

We’ll get pretty close during your tattoo journey and vow to handle you with all the care in the world. But also ... let's make sure we are a good match and give ourselves the opportunity to build an empathetic, emotional connection that will aide in a positive, therapeutic tattoo journey.

Our vibe is different. 

Little INKPLAY Shop is committed to bringing your vision to life and boost your body image confidence.

And want nothing more than for you to feel understood, confident, and safe as you embark on your healing journey. 


The best experience EVER!!!! Imani is the most awesome human being. Just being around her energy made the day better. Then to top it off, she gave me the most beautiful piece of artwork. It was a coverup of 2 tattoos that made me feel ugly and made me happy to look in the mirror again. But that's not it.... She incorporated flowers that my granddaughter drew. Can't get any better than that.

S. Hunter



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