Why the Cost for An #INKPLAY Experience



Our pricing is given after a thorough virtual consultation based on size, detail, color and location.


WHY the Cost?!


Our pricing is given after a thorough virtual consultation based on size, detail, color and location.


Before we even get into the skin of it all ~

When you work with a Little INKPLAY Shop artist, you're not just getting a tattoo - you are commissioning a work of art based on their style. You are not just paying for the tattoo but an experience with a well-trained artist who regularly invests in themselves and the mastery of their craft.

This is your skin we are dealing with. There are no refunds, no erasers and no backsies. Otherwise, you have the costly and painful options of coverups and removal. And no-one needs that in their life! 

When you commission a professional tattoo artist you are paying for the complete package - time, expertise and talent. 

Sure sure ... anyone can tattoo but a qualified tattoo artist is better much better bang for your buck ~


Contrary to popular belief, your artist doesn't only invest time during your tattoo session. In fact, a tattoo session is just a small portion of the time an artist spends with your piece.

There is pre-, during- and post- consultation time:

  • Pre-consultation we take time to assess your tattoo idea and references in preparation for the conversation.
  • During consultation is the reserved time to deep dive into your idea and its possibilities. We also guide you through our tattoo process.
  • Post-consultation is when we nurture any further questions prior to you booking your appointment. When you book, your ideas live with us rent free and you generally have more access to your artist as needed.​

Tattoo Time

and we still think of you and often follow-up to say hello long after your tattoo journey has ended.


Little INKPLAY Shop located is a private studio located in Historic Hyattsville Arts District.

Aside from a tattoo studio, it is an escape from the real world for much of our customer-family.

Our studio doubles as an active kawaii culture hub with loads of manga (Japanese comics), traditional comics, plushies and other comfort items to engage with.

It is an intimate space designed for each client's comfort with each tattoo scheduled by appointment for a pressure-less time of meticulously fitting and tattooing your new body art.

Pretty much ... a good tattoo ain't cheap. And a cheap tattoo ain't good.

And when it comes to ​quality body art you want the VIP treatment!

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