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Tattoo Aftercare


A tattoo created with love (& confetti) should definitely be followed by some great aftercare!

So here ya go-- 

Daily skin care note: For optimal skin care, please be sure to

moisturize daily with natural lubricants like shea butter, handmade butters or coconut/ olive/ carrot/ almond oils

and drink plenty of water

  • After (no more than) 2 hours gently wash the tattooed area with a mild anti-bacterial soap 
  • Pat dry with a clean paper towel 
  • Air dry for at least five minutes 
  • With clean hands, apply a thin layer of unscented Lubriderm lotion or a natural lubricant
  • Repeat the process three to five times daily until dead skin flakes away 
  • (optional) Switch to 100% vitamin E oil, applying at least twice daily until the skin returns to normal 
  • NO direct sunlight for 30(+) days 
  • NO swimming for 30(+) days 
  • NO scratching or picking 
  • NO advice from friends 

After, Aftercare for a beautiful long-lasting tattoo 

Be sure to keep your skin out of DIRECT sunlight the best as you possibly can. As good as it feels, it is now your enemy (somewhat). Becoming a vampire might not be ideal for you, so please remember to utilize sunblock (recommended SPF-15 or greater for all skin types)

All year around regardless of skin type!

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