For the love of kawaii culture + tattoo tradition



is Little INKPLAY Shop speak for tattoos that are a cross-pollination of kawaii (cute) or otaku (geeky) inspiration, tattoo tradition, and an empowering experience.

Our artists art style and tattoo culture is heavily inspired by Japanese comics (manga) as well as traditional Japanese tattoo (wabori)

And much like a traditional mangaka, we process, translate and visually interpret stories. But instead of pages ... we do it on YOU-

taking your hodgepodge of ideas to create a story, unique to YOU!

Visually, our tattoo compositions often draw heavily from our love of storytelling, manga and anime, wabori aesthethics, and an assortment of fantasy, afro and Japanese elements and motif.

Kawaii tattoos and color on dark skin is just the tip of the iceberg with us.



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