Little INKPLAY Shop

COVID-19 Operating Procedures & General Risk Assessment


Transmission via equipment and environment: 

The shop will be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized before and after every client, then deep cleaned every evening in compliance with standard tattoo industry hygiene protocols.

Transmission via airborne particles 

Where possible, the studio will be well ventilated with fresh air by opening windows.

Transmission via money / payment / POS readers: 

Minimal contact + contact- less POS payment is available and encouraged.

IF paying in cash, enveloping to minimize contact is encouraged.

Transmission from person to person:

  • All consultation will be VIRTUAL
  • Tattoo appointments will be arranged online, in advance
  • Only the client can attend, no guests or friends will be allowed.
  • Before studio entry, temperature will be taken + hand sanitizer provided
  • All appointments are arranged so that client appointments do not overlap
  • Hand sanitisers are available for client use and client hand washing facilities are available and encouraged.
  • Face coverings are available for client + artist comfort and safety.

Contact tracing: 

Full contact details of all clients will be recorded and stored per usual.

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