Transforming lives, one tattoo at a time.

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Be empowered to reach your ULTIMATE self-image goal ... with confidence and authenticity


It's Time to Ink ... and RELEASE!

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Personalized Tattoo Therapy Journey

Escape this life with an intimate and healing boutique-style tattoo journey among healing hues of P.I.N.K.

4-City Shoppe Gal Tattoo & Book Tour

Attend the LIPS signature 'on the road' Ink & Release Experience - an opportunity to explore the tattoo therapy process with Imani and her client.

VIP Backstage Experience Community

Get to know what we have cookin' here at LIPS, all while expanding your network and elevating your own creative ideas, business or brand.


Great tattoo shop and art space.

~A Happy Client


Little INKPLAY Shop’s intimate tattoo style is rooted in an immersive 5D brand experience that tantilizes any one or all of your senses for a healing tattoo experience.

Often we come for a tattoo, not understanding that what we seek is far MORE THAN A TATTOO. It’s uncovering your soul, your truest self-image …

Uncover Your Inner Creative Misfit.

We dedicate ourselves to helping you experience less confusion, frustration, and intimidation about the tattoo process by providing a seamless customer journey that allows us time and space to listen to each client's story, intentionally.

Then, in partnership with you, we create a design that empowers you to exist with confidence and authenticity while simultaneously manifesting your dream lifestyle and make a lasting mark on the world.


For a timeless tattoo put more thought into the vision + value, NOT the price.

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The first step in the tattoo process is discovery.

A consultation can help you truly get a grasp on what imagery can best help you unlock your true self-image.

And for a timeless tattoo that you will continue to enjoy and love over time, put more thought into concept than you do price. It's a tattoo and will be on you forever.

For your full consideration explore Imani's portfolio, FAQ'S + studio policies and procedures.


Next schedule your NO-RISK virtual consultation.

A consultation can help you truly get a grasp on what imagery can best help you unlock your true self-image.

Here is where we deep dive into your idea - placement, style, vibe and inspiration to determine our time and cost commitment. Imani will be able to recommend creative direction for our ultimate collaboration. 

Once completed, I'll be happy to share my tattoo availability.


Lastly, book your tattoo appointment. 

Your tattoo journey is sacred, so we guarantee your appointment is 100% private to enjoy bringing your new self to the light.

Once we have completed a successful consultation that covers the 3 C's - creativity, communication & consideration, you will be sent a follow-up email. Included will be our project overview and link to book your appointment with deposit. The required deposit is 35% of the total is cost.


Turn Dat Trauma to TRIUMPH and start embracing your individuality ...

in healing hues of pink!


Our #INKPLAY Customers Are HAPPY Customers

Check out the impact of some exceptional tattoo therapy + kawaii customer experiences

Imani provided a fantastic experience throughout the tattoo process, from initial consultation to aftercare! I adore my new tattoo. I would definitely recommend getting work done by her!

C. Woodland

Imani is absolutely THE BEST!! Very clear and informative of the whole process, willing to work with you to create your vision, and just an ALL AROUND GREAT HUMAN!!!

T. Josephine

The importance of finding an artist who you trust and vibe with is the most important part, IMO, in getting a quality tattoo. I have been a long time fan and friend of Imani, so I am totally and unapologetically biased. Her calm, warm demeanor puts you at ease, and her artistry is off the chain ... If you want quick and cheap and shoddy, leave her alone. You can not talk your way into a cheap tattoo from a quality artist. IJS. As for me, its an honor and a privilege to be inked by someone you respect and that is PRICELESS.

Brian Arnold

P. Taylor

The best experience EVER!!!! Imani is the most awesome human being. Just being around her energy made the day better. Then to top it off, she gave me the most beautiful piece of artwork. It was a coverup of 2 tattoos that made me feel ugly and made me happy to look in the mirror again. But that's not it.... She incorporated flowers that my granddaughter drew. Can't get any better than that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU IMANI.... I'll be back real soon!!!!

S. Hunter


Your Skin Deserves Better.

YOU Deserve Better.

Your tattoos are clothes. That should fit you ~

And your tattoos should reflect your personal journey, what you have overcome and where you are headed!

The word bespoke is most known for its “centuries-old relationship” with tailor-made suits.

Much like what a tattoo does in curating your general idea into a well crafted piece suited JUST FOR YOU.

In tattoo – custom can mean you choose a pre-designed tattoo (flash) and have alterations made by changing a few elements within the design.

Bespoke is the process of having a general idea curated directly on skin – whether a freehand drawing or a mix of drawing and stencils, it’s a build up process-

making sure each element within your tattoo fits YOU, perfectly -including how you & the tattoo interact, meaningful placement, finishing touches, etc. And since ain’t nothing new under the sun (yes this includes your tattoo idea) 

Making a custom design  is cool but making it BESPOKE 100% guarantees it’s only for you ~


YOU are our honored guests! But what does that mean?

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Private Boutique Experience

We encourage our clients to kick back, be themselves and make our studio their home for the day.

Creativity, Community, Connection

We make it easy for return clients to book againwith our community education & booking app.

EXCLUSIVE Client Only Events, Retreats & Galas

We treat our clients like the investors that they are with private events & first access to all of our upcoming offers.


Hi there! I am Imani K Brown - master tattoo artist, visual communicator, tattoo mentor, personal brand strategist, and business coach for creative entrepreneurs. I am also proud owner of Little INKPLAY Shop (LIPS).

Here at LIPS, we are dedicated to bringing you creative and professional vibes. With your ideas and our unique vision + creative methodology, we will embark on a journey toward the ultimate self-image rebrand.





I felt completely comfortable

Friendly and cute place!

Great shop.

When you want art not a few random tatts🤷🏾‍♀️



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Little INKPLAY Shop is appointment only, with the exception of noted gallery opening events, located in the SoHy Arts Building in the Historic Hyattsville Arts District

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